Proper Tire Care Equates to an Efficiently Running Vehicle

Properly inflated tires assist in a longer wear, proper grip to the road, and efficient fuel consumption. It’s important to always make certain your tires are running on the proper pressure by double checking the owner’s manual, or the sticker on the driver’s door recommendation. Note that tire pressure can lose inflation after a certain amount of driving. For best results, check your tire pressure when your tires are cool. Regular tire rotation should take place at a recommended amount of miles so that each tire wears evenly and thereby maximizing the life of all wheels.

Vehicle maintenance completed as a schedule will increase the longevity of your tires as well. Once your tires are showing distinct signs of wear, it is advised that each should be inspected. A trained technician can provide you assistance to determine if replacement is recommended. It is always a good idea to have a spare tire as well. Schedule an appointment with our dealership at Gary Lang Chevrolet to ensure your tires are wearing at their optimal rate.

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