A telltale sign that your Chevy might need a brake pad replacement is when you begin to hear a high-pitched sound every time you tap your brakes. This is due to your brake pads wearing down on your rotors, which creates a unpleasant, screeching sound. Newer Chevrolet models come with brake pad sensors, so you may also see an alert in your driver's dashboard as well when it's time to replace your brakes. Generally when you get your brake pads replaced, you will also need to replace your brake fluid as well, as brake fluid begins to decrease more rapidly the more worn down your brake pads become. Our expert technicians specialize in Chevrolet brake pad repair and brake pad replacement, so don't hesitate to take your car into our Chevy Service Center if you're suspect your car is in need of brake repair.

If you're looking for brake pad replacement or brake fluid replacement in McHenry, Lakemoor, Crystal Lake, Lake in the Hills, Johnsburg, or the greater Chicago, IL area, let our expert team service your vehicle today! Call or stop by Gary Lang Chevrolet now for all of your brake needs, and be sure to check out our other Chevy services in McHenry, IL below:

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